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Professional Life & Business Coach, NeuroGraphica Instructor, Mentor


Working with a coach can help you figure out what you really want in life, and then help you take concrete steps to make it happen. You possess all the resources!


Mentoring is based on sharing experience, understanding and friendship. As your mentor, I can be by your side on the road to building your own successful business


Neurographica® is a creative method for transforming the surrounding world, forming and transforming the unconscious, changing impressions in a given context.


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Limitations and fears exist only in your imagination!

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Visionary Coaching in a Visual Way

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Professional Life & Business Coach
Certified NeuroGraphica® Instructor
NeuroFacilitation and NeuroDesign Trainer
Emotional Intelligence Trainer


Neurographica® is a unique psycological creative tool for transforming the reality, shaping and transforming the unconscious, changing impressions in a given context. The method is based on the use of the the visual language alphabet, geometric archetypes and special graphic algorithms. It is created by the Russian architect, psychologist and philosopher prof. Pavel Piskarev, from whom I am fortunate to learn personally.

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Individual Sessions

Working with a coach can help you to get clear vision on what you really want in life, and then help you take concrete steps to make it happen.

Group Sessions

Group online and offline personal development sessions. Each participant works on their own individual topic or case.

Business Coaching

NeuroGraphica and NeuroDesign help to quickly identify the hidden potential and resources of your business and team, to see new opportunities and ways to implement them,


Any common team task can be represented visually. The advantages are numerous and the results are amazing and fast.


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what people say

Geri was the person who introduced me to Neurographica and I had the pleasure of watching her facilitate a charity Neurographica event. I then signed up for the online user level class. The training was very well structured and presented in accessible language for beginners to neurographica. Throughout you could feel her motivation and willingness to really teach us and pay special attention to each and every participant. She is a person with a wonderful energizing energy and I always feel an idea more cheerful after talking to her. Keep inspiring us, Geri 🙂 Thank you!
Gergana Petrova
Gergana, positive and kind as she is, supported me to understand and enjoy the magic of the visionary coaching. Her super supportive coaching skills and tools, applied during our sessions, helped me to align my core values and life goals, and to finally start living the life I always wished to.
Dina Lazarova
Thanks to Geri, I experienced the magic of Neurographica and the opportunity to rediscover my inner world in a creative, inspiring and valuable way. I recommend the Visionary coaching space for anyone who would like to create their life in an authentic way, combining both the rational and the magical. Geri is unsurpassed in creating the conditions for the inner genius to unfold and create at will ❤
Antonia Kercheva