About me

I am Gergana Deenichina, a happy mother of two grown boys; entrepreneur, consultant, life and business coach, mentor, NeuroGraphica instructor.

In the last few years my interests and efforts have been focused on the development of my business as life and business coach, on the organization of various creative workshops and events, teaching and development of innovative interactive learning materials. Since 2019 I have been using the Neurographica method in my work, and since 2020 I am a certified instructor. I have specializations in NeuroFacilitation (working with groups and businesses), NeuroDesign and NeuroBalance.

How did I get here :).

I started working in my parents’ family business back in 1992. I graduated with a master’s degree in IT from the Technical University in Sofia, and specialized for one year at the Technical University in Berlin. Our company “Stroyekspert – SEC” is engaged in publishing and consulting in the field of construction and since then has been a name and market leader in its field. From the very beginning it became clear to me that construction is not my passion and I gradually went through pre-press preparation and editing for marketing and management. Meanwhile, technology was developing rapidly and we always had to be up-to-date.

So step by step I realized that my strength is in making innovations, to invent and start the next endeavors, to ignite the spark. I am extremely grateful to my family for supporting me and never stopping any of my initially crazy-sounding ideas.

Later I graduated with a master’s degree in Business Administration and created E-Business Academy Ltd. I am one of the founding members of DLEARN – European Digital Learning Network and EURORESO – an international association for scientific and educational purpose. I am involved in several big international educational projects.

Another (or more 🙂) brand new and unfamiliar direction revealed few years ago when I came across Human Design, Life Coaching and Drawing. They attracted me so much,  there was no chance to resist them.

The result: Certified Life&Executive Coach at Noble Manhattan Coaching; Aesthetic Coach and NeuroGraphica Instructor at Psychology of Creativity Institute; Coach in Emotional Intelligence.